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Originally Posted by KathysLGC View Post
Ins doesn't cover full value tho..... he is still at a loss.....
Sure it does if you ask for it. I've been driving my State Farm agent insane ever since 2000 over this. I see it in the policy, I pay for it and still I have to call them every year just to make sure. I have a full replacement value policy up to $20,000 worth of equipment. Then I ask them about listing the individual equipment on the policy and they have told me repeatedly that it is a blanket coverage policy. If someone makes off with a 20 year old Dixie Chopper that costs $10,000 to replace they pay for it.

State Farm has some nice policies but you gotta pay for them. I had lightning strike 2 80 foot tall Pine trees and kill them at my house. I get a quote from the tree guy to take them down, grind the stumps, remove all debris, blah, blah, blah, and took it to my agent. They not only paid for the tree guy (after a $500 deductible) but they also threw in an extra $500 per tree (covers the deductible and then some) for loss of landscape.

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