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Originally Posted by ALC-GregH View Post
Doing this will more then likely cost him even more money. If the employee does his job and does it well, why would you want anyone else? Wait, let me guess, you want to spend even more money then this guy is costing you? Hire someone new means you have to train them to do the job you want done. Have them screw up once and there went all your profit.
I'll respond, only because I have nothing to do till the school bus gets here. What ever it was that you said is not answering the question. He wants to hire more people but no one stays with him very long. The guy he has wants to leave for more money and income in the winter. He doesn't have enough business to keep the guy working in the winter. I'm sure there is a replacement for this guy out there some where. All I said was keep trying to find him, Keep hireing. Also getting rid of the over time will help.
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