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Originally Posted by Dano50 View Post
Why? Oh Why? What have I done to deserve this???

DISCLAIMER: Fluid Film is not formulated to be used as sandwich spread, even with the handy dandy brush can. If you enjoy the taste of sheep testicles, I recommend checking this out:

Fluid Film is an industrial strength corrosion preventive and lubricant. The use of the brush can for food flavoring could result in strong allergic reactions, loosening of bowels, a prolonged taste of sheep scrotum in mouth, abnormal hair growth under arms and in genital area, general ill feeling, avoidance of sandwich spread after use, and a host of other ills I can't think of right now. I have no idea what could really happen, but it ain't good. Just don't do it, fellas!
OH my god!!!! that is too much!!!!
sheep scrotum is a definite no no
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