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Originally Posted by ALC-GregH View Post
Pay the guy more money. Don't be a cheap skate.
I think he is getting paid great for what he does. He was making 9 dollars a hour and i gave him a 4 dollars raise to 13 in 2009. i can only pay him what he is worth to the business he has said many times he does not want to run a crew train new guys or even work in a uniform. i offered him to partner with me he has no want or need cause he does not see this as his line of work for the rest of his life he says. do you lay your guys off so they can get unemployment ? What is the turn over rate due to lay off going into the next season ? I know how i make it thru the winter its easy but i dont see how any employee with a house payment rent wife kids and bills can just take the winter off even with unemployment not in this day and age. They cant get unemployment and still work!! even if it snows like it has this year its only a few days work for employees. I have made friends with many solo guys here and they say thats why im still solo. on the other hand i know many people with 15 or 20 guys but they are all mexicans and i have no problem with that but they are not legal and i will not run my business that way just like im not going to lay off my guys so they can get unemployment then pay them in cash during the winter. I loved working solo but im worried about getting hurt or a medical condition as im getting older. ANY ONE IN MARYLAND LOOKING TO PARTNER UP??
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