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Originally Posted by SchnabelLawnCare View Post
2001 Prolines were some of the best older WB's ever made IMO. Try talking him down to 1900-2000 and you'll have yourself a deal! As for engines, it varies too much. It is very possible that is the original engine, and probable that it will work well for you.
The dealer today told me that the company that owned it before had it serviced on time everytime, and that they have all service records to prove it. Looked at it today, seemed nice to me. Im worried that Ill have to replace the engine, and thanks to google that looks like it would cost 2 grand by itself (correct me if im wrong, please). Off topic a little, but is it hard to mow riding on the sulky? I never have and just feel like the wheel marks will mess up my lines lol, and that I'd be crossing over into neighbors yards on turns.
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