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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
we are at 50 hrs oil and filter, using , hell i dont remember but it works. i know our oil is plenty dirty at 50 and could never go 100hrs, that is way long. our engines state at 50hr intervals except the diesels go 100, but conversly it states 200 on them but we like fresh oil.

we dont get much past about 1200-1600 hrs on a air cooled engine though b4 you can tell it has worked alot, have blown a few that had issues, but over all they still run but we get new mowers at that point.
This is the problem I'm running into. I was using Quaker State SAE 30 and by 50hrs it was black. I could never make it to the 100hr interval. So I decided since I like the Opti-2 so much, I'd try the Opti-4. It's not synthetic like most people think. Even after using that (which is way expensive) I couldn't make it past the 50hr mark. This is why I started this thread so I could find out what is working for you guys out there. Am I going to get 100hrs out of a synthetic? Or should I just go back to my Quaker State and change it often. Which is better? Or is there another option?
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