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Originally Posted by SangerLawn View Post
Actually both people it came from ether own shops or manage shops and i have been freinds with them for years. I asked the same question and they both said that doesnít matter. Both of them said the oil is made for high torch and temp motors no matter what cools the motor.

Ether way I know my equipment has out lasting most other companies that I know so I have no complaints about it. The oil is cheaper then most other oils and my equipment is lasting twice as long as other people.

Alright, I am glad its working out for you. But it should probably be said that if an owner is worried about warranty work that if dealers, most dealers anyway, find out that you are using outboard oil it will immediately void any engine related warranty. Additionally, I have heard that outboard oil isnt as low ash thus it could cause spark arrestor screen problems, but that is easily solved.
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