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Originally Posted by rain man View Post
We use Penzoil Platinum on two Briggs & Stratton 18.5 engines. Change it at 50 hours per recomendation of the John Deere operators manual. Engines showing lots of wear though at 1000 hours so I can't say if its helped.
Maybe you should go to synthetic if you follow the recommended change interval. I can tell you all my cars last 200k miles and still the engine sound good and not burning oil. All I did was change oil every 3000 miles. My Volvo is 19 years old, way over 200K( the odometer broke looooong long time ago). Things start falling off, but the engine still very smooth and the tranny works perfect. All I did is oil change every 3000 miles, tranny fluid change every 10000 miles or so. And I drive the car pretty hard.
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