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AH! The X Factor or S@#$T we don't plan on

Great reality checks and insight in the posts I'm following. Almost a spiritual awakening or cleansing for some. It's a good thing.

Spoke with a friendly irrigation competitor yesterday and found out he and his partner bro-in-law are splitting. Large irrigation company for our area. The bro in law was cheating on the other owners sis to whom he was married. The offended bro in law decided he couldn't work there and wants out. So the bad boy now has to pay his wife AND his bro in law for what amounts to 3/4 of a large biz.

The leaving partner tells me wants to look at other biz opportunties non green industry. The 2 have been going balls to the wall for the upper teens of years. When I suggested an ice cream stand he didn't laugh. He wants a biz where people want to come to him, there are no estimates, call backs, warranties, compalints about prices or policies, credit cards, receivables or other negative garbage we go through.

So burn out and disablities are a reality as are other things beyond our control. It is imperitive that we structure our business so we run it, not it running us. Safety valves at work for contingencies, rest, relaxation, family and friends are important.

A 2 or 3 man operation can help along with a sensible schedule. Working 10-11 hr days 4 days a week with prices a bit higher for your work can help with a mowing schedule. You have a safety day or 2 in the week, plus 1 or 2 helpers if some one is hurt, sick, needs time off. Or the extra days can be used for timely seasonal activities like mulch, flowers, shrub and bed maintenance, aeration, seed, lawn apps etc. Or you can take the kids and or the Mrs away for a weekend, or the mrs oput to lunch, movie or a nooner.

Get an attitude and get a life back with safety and security.
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