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Originally Posted by ALC-GregH View Post
yeah if you want to work yourself to death. That's pretty much none stop mowing. Of course it's dependent on the size of the properties. Better hope the weather cooperates or you'll be really scrambling. But yeah, the money would be very good.
Im only doing about 40-45 accounts and when it rains for 2 days, my blood pressure goes out the roof! When its raining I go talk to the guys with these larger businesses and they are calm and cool, knowing there really aint much ya can do about it except be ready to work when rain stops or slows. Im going to try and take the calm and collected approach this year.
These guys with 100-125yards and owner and one helper, they work hard about 745 to 530 every weekday but whats hard work when you got 4 months to recover and push a little snow...
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