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Originally Posted by Marcos View Post
Dairies? Never thought of that! Good idea!

As biofuel conversion efficiency improves during this decade, we'll no doubt be seeing costs drop significantly on such processes as the conversion of grass clippings / leaves into 'pellet fuel' such as what is commonly sold for wood stoves everywhere right now.

If energy demand stays at a certain high echelon, in my opinion it's highly likely by the end of this decade in certain parts of the country, commercial mowing contractors will be GETTING PAID in some manner to dump their clean loads of clippings/leaves at some common collection point be they municipal or privately operated.

So at some later point in time in the not-so-distant future, the foreman's quandry could be "do I mulch & be earth-friendly, or do I haul the clippings away & make beer $$$ ?"
that would be nice, but its the oppisite in some of the cities around here, they started charging to dump at the city compost, luckly they dont where i'm at, but it could be comming....
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