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Originally Posted by NewBlood View Post
i have a small 4 x 6 im still in thew process of getting legit , insurance , taxes ect.. im still learning how to do contracts and im just trying to be smart when building my business. I would really like to go to commercial accounts but i cant until im legit and its tough to get those. Resedantial is serving me fine though.
My equipment
Honda commercial 21 "
stihl, husqavarna, and ecco weedeaters
kawaski pressure washer
couple back pack blowers for fun
stihl residential style hedge trimmer and a commercial extended one to get the tall bushes
and hopefully a walk behind mower soon

dont want to be rude or anything but what do you pay in insurance and where to you go im trying to get the best
are you having trouble finding insurance or anything? if so pm me and ill recomend the people that i use. they are not bad. hey i hear ya about starting out small and being smart about your investments and trying to pay them off and such. good for you doing all that at 20y/o. i started about then and i am really glad i did. i dont do it full time but sometimes i wish i did. let me know if you need anything or have any questions.
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