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Originally Posted by djfanintn View Post
a couple of years ago I was looking at the 2305. I drove the 2320 and it was a much nicer tractor.

you might look up some of the problems with the fan that cools the transmission down on that particular model. I am not saying it is a problem but I have seen a few guys that did have a problem with it.
that could be a problem with it if it's used in the woods or heavy growth. these little tractors were designed to be used in manicured lawns. the issue is the plastic fan built on the drive shaft to provide cooling for the trans. instead of using a true hydro cooling system in order to save costs on production. If I had known it's limitations before I bought I probably would have gone with the 2320 or more likely the 2520, but I let my wallet do the deciding instead of good ole research.
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