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Emorri -

Oil in cold temperatures is measured by the Pour Point, which is the lowest temperature at which the oil will still flow. The Pour Point of synthetic oil, as is Hyper-Oil, takes a lower temperature to solidify than comparable petroleum based oils. Hyper-Oil will be the better choice for the cold temperatures.

Hyper-Oil can be used in the Ground Master 120.

As stated above, Hyper Oil is synthetic oil and is not recommended to be mixed with Petroleum oil. The current oil will have to be flushed from the Ground Master 120 system.

∑ Use Hyper-Oil to flush the hydraulic system of the old oil.
∑ Gravity drain the old oil to the best of your ability.
∑ Lift drive unit off the ground so wheels are not touching the floor.
∑ Fill hydraulic system with new Hyper-Oil.
∑ Disconnect return hydraulic line prior to the reservoir tank.
∑ Start unit and operate drive and hydraulic system. (Keeping oil reservoir full during this process).
∑ Once new oil is present in the return hydraulic line, reconnect return hydraulic line.
∑ Fill reservoir with Hyper-Oil

- The Toro Company
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