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Originally Posted by NMS0219 View Post
I love the over spray on the garage floor. Looks like my old shop. Our new place everything is on card board. That suck co is in nice shape. IMO thats the only mower lesco ever made right.
hahaha yeah I used to be really meticulous about the carpet when I first put it in and my Mustang was in there. then once the Mustang started leaking crap all over I stopped caring. My Jeep is in there now and I'll be re-carpeting this summer or maybe do lack and white chekerboard tile.

Its also funny cuz I REALLY do not like Lescos and now I have 2 of them. The first one was a great deal that I couldn't pass up and I needed a decent mower to start out with, and this one just kinda fell into my lap. Oh well hopefully this 36" will last me a while, the 48" I am going to try to nurse through ONE more season, or at least until June or July.
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