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Lawn care or small engine repair? I can't decide what to do...

Ok I am going to start up my own business this year. I am torn though between doing lawn care, or equipment repair.

My background:
2 years of small engine repair at a tech school.
Worked for 4 years as a mechanic at a lawn and garden shop.
Also cut lawns part time after work for one of those years.

So basically, I could do either no problem. I enjoy cutting grass more, but I think I would have an easier time finding customers for repair work. The local John Deere dealership down the street charges $65/hr for repair work. I was going to charge $40/hr working out of my house. I understand the reason they have to charge more is they have a lot more overhead. I am sure most of my customers are the ones who bought their equipment at a big box store, not the lawn and garden dealer anyways.

If I was to go into lawncare, I would have to buy a new trailer and a mower. Would find a used walk behind probably to start. I have everything else.

For repair, I would just need a trailer for pickup and deliveries.

Another option I have thought about, was just trying to get a job with a local large lawncare comany as a mechanic. I could also run equipment if they are short handed, and can plow snow as well since I have 8 years experience doing that as well. Just not sure if I could make enough money to be happy.

So basically, I need to make my mind up quick and get on it to start advertising. Wether I do repair or lawn care, I was planning on doing door hangers, etc to get my name out there, as well as advertising in the local paper, online, etc.
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