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Originally Posted by milsaps118 View Post
That's just crazy.........My guess is 3 thing are going to happen.

1) The contractor will be loosing his shorts and is going to default on the terms of the contract.

Yes he will lose his shorts, A friend of mine who's retiring has done it for several years. Materials alone for the tree wrapping is about $3000. And a weeks work for 2 guys. Materials for the spring cleanup run almost $1000
2) The scope of work will not be met due to poor service/quality and the contractor will get fired.
Likely, The Director of Public works expects everything to be done perfectly

3) The contractor will stick it out till the end, realize he took a huge bath on the deal and withdraw from the remaining 2 years.

And if he doesn't complete the term of the contract he will forfeit the performance bond which is $5000

If any of the 3 happen, the next lowest bid will be offered the contract. Just hope the next lowest bid isn't $8,301!!!!!!!!
I got the bidders list, There were 9 bidders, the next lowest bid was $17,800.

Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
They, the municipality, should know that a low bid like that can not do the job correctly.
And due to that fact alone, possible damage and more work will be required
to correct any mistakes the next year. Stupid, just stupid.
They should, But they always go low bid. If the cuts aren't timed right then there are a lot of complaints from the baseball and soccer associations. A lot of this is due to the fact they only contract for 12 cuts.
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