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Originally Posted by UrbanAppealLawnCare View Post
"from here on out you should only be getting busier......... "

valid point!

yea we have all the other stuff, just been usin 21" lawn boys and toro's....and i dont feel like spending an hr mowing a lawn when i can do it in a fraction of the time

yardguy, do u do a lot of residential? how does that 36 fit through gates?
currently all i do is residentials.

that 36" goes through every gate i've ever come across. there was a thread not to long ago about the 32" wb.

i've never had a need for a 32". any gated back yard i've come across will either allow a 21 incher a 36" wb or anything larger but i've NEVER come across a gate in my neck of the woods where i could have gotten a 32" wb through and not a 36".

i say get the 36" wb but you know your gates sizes better than i do. currently i have 4 accounts i use my 36" wb on in the back yards. the rest get the 52" toro grandstand treatment.
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