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If you plan on pulling a trailer get a solid axle. I have a Suzuki Vinson 500 4x4 and its a great quad. My Zuki is 5 speed Auto, water cooled, 4x4, hi/lo range, handlebar headlight plus 2 other headlights, break lights, pre-wired for winch front and rear...tons and tons of power. Though they no longer make the Vinson I am sure Zuki has something that takes its place.

If you plan to ride trails a solid axle will be more fun since there is less body roll....also when pulling a trailer the rear end will not sag. I have yet to go any place where fully independent suspension would have made a difference. People say they have more ground clearance...but the axles still have to enter the center of the wheel at some yes more center ground clearance. Less maintenance with a solid axle as well.

Just make sure whatever you get it has disk brakes in the front or a sealed drum for the rear.

Oh, and make sure its not full time 4x4...they suck no matter the brand.
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