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Originally Posted by Custom Landscape Concepts View Post
Yea that is true for sure. The chevy has the 6.0 V8 and plenty of power for the lighter weight trailers like that new landscape trailer we just got. Its geared low and sucks down some fuel but can do some towing. That said, the dump trailer was 4600lbs empty weight so just pulling it around town i was getting about 7 mpg. Put a load of topsoil or a few yards of stone in there and try going up the hill, that was tough stuff and I wasn't ready to replace the transmission on that truck haha.
lol ya the 6.0s eat some fuel but do pull nice i have 1500 ram i am getting 9 around town pulling nothing lol when trailer is on i get 6 its horrible but whatever. Ya that is prob little to much weight for that truck lol. best of luck to you though. Like i said cant wait to see dump!!!!
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