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Originally Posted by thu cutting edge View Post
i have the same trailers's they are very nice, also very well built. also how do you like that western spreader? i was thinking of getting a couple of them. would you prefer them over a stainless steel spreader. thats what im using now but want to try something different. thx
I've never had a SS spreader but a lot of my friends in the snow removal business do and everyone has their own reasons for it. For me starting with the poly hopper, I don't think i would ever switch. The poly has low maintenance and no rust, lids that eliminate the use of tarps, and no gas motors to deal with. Plus taking the poly hopper in and out is very quick with no chain hoist required and the empty weight makes it bearable to drive around with in the winter, especially in a pickup. I put the inverted V in it to keep the weight off the belt and that helps although I never had a problem with it before installing the V. I think the biggest thing is how dry the material is going into the hopper. We are lucky enough to get our salt from a covered building so it is bone dry going in. This eliminates a lot of the problems people have with the poly hoppers and keeps us moving during storms. Overall, I love it and will buy another one for my dump truck when I get it.
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