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Originally Posted by DJJS View Post
custom landscape concepts - work looks great keep it up man, love the truck lettering looks great too. One question, do you have any pictures of how you secure the snowblower on the salter in the truck? I'd like to do something similar next year

you can look into when the ICPI class comes around your way, it's not hands on but it'll teach you the basics, also check out how to books, I pretty much taught myself, then just take on smaller projects and work your way up to the larger ones. Also if you have family members/friends you can do some paver jobs for to get your feet wet, it'll help and be less stress then a job for a regular customer
DJJS thanks for the complements I really appreciate it. I will take a picture of that snowblower hooked on the rack at the end of the week when I move it back to my shop and Ill post it on here for sure. I always think about it in the middle of a snowstorm and you know how that goes haha. About the pavers, working for friends and family is great that's how I started and you have a chance to use some trial and error, something you want to avoid for a professional client. Also, my first patio was a super flat 10x10 with an I or T pattern and you just work your way up so you are right on with that advice.
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