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Originally Posted by DJJS View Post
My first projects were similar, I did some work for family & friends then the first ones for clients I took on were relatively simple, flat and not all that intricate, I passed on a job or two I knew would be over my head to start off with, finally in the fall last year took on my first real major project, man did I run into every possible problem on that job too anyway how much of your business is brick & stone work compared to landscaping & mowing? seems like we've built our businesses pretty similarly
Haha yea what can go wrong will go wrong in this business. I would say when i started the business 3 years ago it was 50/50 between mowing and brick work and now with the economy the way it is, its more like 75% maintenance and 25% brickwork. I get calls for small little walkway repairs that are barely worth the time it takes to drive out there and every once in while we get a decent stone job that comes our way. I wish I knew what I know know 3 years ago when there was a ton of work in brick and block side of the business but hopefully things turn around and people start doing those types of projects again.
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