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Doubleedge -

Higher-capacity baggers will not be available through Toro for the 2010 model year. No additional information regarding future seasons is available at this time.

No, factory-installed anti-scalp rollers are not available on the small-frame GrandStand models. The primary reasons are ... (1) Our aim is to keep the machines as compact as possible. As a result, there is not sufficient clearance between the cutting decks and the caster tires to allow for anti-scalp rollers. (2) We have not demonstrated a need for anti-scalp rollers on these machines. The wheel base is relatively short, and the cutting decks do not extend significantly beyond the tires, so scalping is not a major concern on these machines.

The 36" GrandStand utilizes a two-blade cutting deck where the blades are "staggered" (overlapping, but not timed), just like mid-size walk-behind models.

-The Toro Company
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