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Originally Posted by Custom Landscape Concepts View Post
Yep exactly. We did a big fence project I think you can see it in the pictures of the outdoor staircase I posted it was all around a pool pretty good size job for our first one haha. I worked with some wood fencing as well and I actually don't mind it too much if I got a call about it today theres a good chance I would bid on it. Gotta take work where you can find it in this economy. Just did a bunch of advertising and letters to all my current customers. Hopefully that phone starts ringing off the hook even it is just people confirming their accounts for another year haha.
Ohh I saw the fence in the background but didnt know if you installed it or if it was already there, looks good especially for your first. I like the fence installations but i'd much rather the decks/ arbors & paver/wall jobs, more room to be creative with designs
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