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Originally Posted by slamjamrockinman View Post
Thanks for the advice, that will definately be something I am looking at getting into. I would love to see more pics as well. As far as pavers/hardscape goes, would you say it is worth expanding into?? Granted the economy is decent and you can sell this type of work to clients. Do you notice significantly higher margins as apposed to the maintenance side of your biz? Everyone says that there is much better money in that type of work, I can see how, especially when I crunch the numbers. Let me know if you would rather discuss this through PM's. Again any imput is greatly appreciated!
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Yea there is defiantly higher margins there with the hardscaping but you have to be efficient as well otherwise you can lose that margin fast, especially with the competition for jobs that exists today. Theres always unexpected stuff that comes up and pricing is key for these kind of jobs. Ill send you some more on this tomorrow gotta get some bills paid right now haha love being the owner of a business.
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