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equipment suggestions for expanding business?


I'm new to lawnsite. I'm a pastor full-time and provide lawn care part-time. We've been doing mostly residential lawns for 27 years. We are near a college and so have mostly used grad-school students working out of their own vehicles using small push mowers. We are expanding this year and I'd love to hear some feedback as to larger equipment. For those who have been doing this for some time, what would you buy and in what order if you were in my shoes. In particular, what are the relative advantages between ZTR, Walk-behinds, Standers, etc? What width? I'm sure there are a bunch of opinions on brands but I'd be interested in that too. I have a few leads on larger commercial accounts and that is my goal, to become competitive in large residential and small to mid-size commercial accounts. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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