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First off let me say God Bless you pastor. I also pastor, go to school full-time, and have a small mowing business. Secondly, welcome to Lawnsite. Now for the business questions...before we go any further I would simply tell you to make sure you have insurance if you don't already. You will need them to get commercial accounts. Now, since you said you mow mostly residentials....what size are they? What equipment do you currently have? My suggestion as far as upgrading would depend on your budget. If you can afford a commercial zero turn rider then I would do that and would look for a 48"52" deck. Choose any of the top brands (scag, exmark, hustler, etc.) with the closest or best dealer around you. If that is not an option check out craigslist and buy a commercial belt-drive or hydro walkbehind. Once again with a 48"-52" deck. Just keep checking craigslist for nice used handhelds and a trailer. Also, let us know what equipment you already have.
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