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Well Scag is a very good brand, great cut and quality machine. Walk behinds are a big jump from a push mower but still more for beginers or small properties. They are work to run and don't leave behind as nice a cut as you are walking on the grass or draging a Velky behind the cut path. Z turns will cut more grass and leave a cleaner cut. Standers are the best of both worlds, compact, great cut, no back problems, and can cut steeper banks. As for size, well that depends on the properties you are cutting. 36" will get into back yards and still put down some grass. Never liked anything between 36" and 52". 52" has three blades and seems to mulch and cut taller, thicker grass better. Bigger than that is great for big flat properties not res or hilly areas. Next is HP, don't buy a 36" with less than 15-16H or a 52" with less than 23H. More power means it will cut taller thicker grass easier and will last longer in the long run becuse the motor is notr working as hard. Wright makes a great Stander.

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