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Originally Posted by Scag48 View Post
You're right, 2,000 yards isn't much but use some common sense. With one operator loading and driving the truck, you could probably only move about 500 yards per day with a 5 ton mini and a 10 yard dump truck. If you stuffed a tandem axle truck with 15 yards of material, get out of the mini, drive the truck a minimal distance to dump, then drive back you're probably looking at maybe 6 cycles per hour. In 1 hour you moved 60 yards? By the time you figure your rental for a week with the mini and whatever you gotta figure to get a truck for a week, you could rent a D8 for 2 days, probably cost you $1500 before fuel and you could be done with the damn thing. Can you do it with a mini? Definately. I guess it depends on what your time is worth.
iI see what youre saying but in the winter months my time is worth nothing that is when i would like to fool with it
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