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oh yeah no doubt im with you, a dozer would be a heck of a lot faster and easier. But im looking at it from my point of view because im also in the same boat. I keep renting big excavators, dozers, and loaders and just piss money into the wind. Yeah i get the projects done fast but im not really on a time crunch in the first place. Im to the point i would rather just buy a mini like a 50d and get the projects done slower but be able to make money with the machine in many other areas of the biz. Im just to spoiled at this point and i get all cranky if a dirt project takes more then a day, i hate moving dirt for 5 days with my skid when i know a wheel loader could do it in 5 hours. I just hate doing shet like that, but in this economy i just have to suck it up and buckle down because running my machine that is owned and paid for is what makes me money. Not running to cat like a quiter every time to rent a machine and pay out thousands.
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