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Originally Posted by wanabe View Post
If you know so much then tell me why a pan wil not dig a 50 x 75 foot hole? They do it every day arround here. Take 30 yards a time and get done with the project. Or you could get a spoon from your moms kitchen and use a tonka truck and spend 10 years. Its up to you, I just dont have time to screw arround forever working on my own non paying projects. I would rather get it done and get back to working for customers. I guess if you don't have much work then your idea is just fine. And by they way, where does it say that he is placing this pond in a tight area? Oh wait, that was your guess! So now im a idiot because you can sit home and "guess"!
Wouldn't it be pretty costly to rent a big scraper tractor and two pans though. Even though it would get it done faster than an mini ex and a truck wouldn't it cost more in trucking and everything to get the big machines to the job? Plus he wouldn't be able to use a scraper and pans later in his company I think was the point that P services was trying to make.
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