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Originally Posted by P.Services View Post
Your not gonna dig a 15 foot deep pond that is only 75 feet long with a scraper and also have the deep side at one end. Period. Not gonna happen. You might get a 15 foot center and let me tell you it will be a beotch to do with a scraper. Or a tractor and pans for that matter. On a BIG pond, scraper all the way, on something this small you will have to take huge fast cuts with the scraper, that's not what a scraper is good at doing, that's not what they are for. I don't care what you say that scraper would be comming out of that hole half the time 1/2 full. Plain and simple 75 feet is not enough span to be able to fill a pan and get 15 feet down. Not gonna happen. Those are the facts, now for the assumptions, your going to tell a obliosly "green" guy to go rent a scraper with NO experience running one? Come on! I would say a scraper and a grader are the two machines that actually take skill to run and be productive with. A excavator, track loader, wheel loader can all be productive to a degree with a school girl running them. You guys can just be clowns.
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Actually a 613 scrapper is one of the easyiest machines to opperate. A rookie can get on it and move dirt. All u have a three levers and a steering wheel, how hard is that? I put my truck drivers on our scrappers when i am short opperators, they have no problem moveing dirt. A track loader is much more difficult to opperate. I would know i own bolth pieces of equipment. I can take my 613 and my 289 to clean up the banks of the pond and finish a hole like that in no time. I do it all the time.
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