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Hmm, snow mold?? Thanks everyone for the adviceI will post better pics tomorrow, sorry for the fuzzy pics, they were taken just before dark on my cell phone. The grass is fescue and I plan to hand rake or power rake/dethatch to get up the dead grass,leaves blown from out the woods and to have the grass stand back up from the weight of the snow. Does anyone know where to get the fungiside from, also what type to get and the approx. cost? Hey ITC Bill, I did see some pods inside a patch of dead grass I found last summer and the grass looked very similar to the snow mold. I took it to a local spot they didn't seem to know what it was, they told me to put some some premergent weed control, I kinda just looked at the guy and said thans as I thought to myself, this doesn't look like a weed.
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