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Applying fungicide now for snow mold will not do any good. It needs to be applied prior to snow fall. The problem with this, is most of our snows don't last but a few days to a couple of weeks most times. That is why you probably didn't see any damage from the blizzard around christmas...the snow wasn't around long enough. If though, you have certain lawns that seem to have this problem each year, you may want to put an application down in the late fall.

As stated above, rake or blow to loosen up the matted areas. I also agree, that the problem last fall to which you are referring to more than likely was Brown patch disease.

By the way, I would go back to your JDL man and tell him to get more edumacated if he plans to stay in the industry.

After 25 years in the business, I'm still High on Grass!!!
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