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Originally Posted by jasonlandscape View Post
i'm pretty sure my reel comes in contact with the cutter bar on my trimmer therefore creating the "scissor" action....and i'm also pretty sure my reel mower will make a yard look 7272738 times better than any rotary mower
Mine too. If my reel isn't scissor action please tell me what it is? I am not trying to start an argument TX or be a smart ass, but explain to us what you mean/meant. Maybe we misunderstood your reply.

I know this thread is old but I'm going to put in my two cents.

I personally like the TruCuts, I prefer their controls over any reel made except for the higher priced Lockes. I prefer the 2 separate clutches, one for the drive and one for the reel...I like the ability to travel to my cutting location without the reel running dry. I have banged my TruCut around on the concrete and into the footer of my house and I have yet to see it come out of adjustment. For the price, I dont think you could get a more popular mower with separate drive/reel clutches and a more durable the California Trimmer, TruCuts have not changed a bit in many years...I know at least since the 70's - 80's.

That being said, I am selling my TruCut and picking up a 30" Legacy which is a Cali Trimmer/Eastman clone sold by Peachtree Mower. I am not crazy about the drive system, but I can live with it for a 30" next reel will be a Locke though.

Of all the mowers out there, I hear McClanes are some of the worst and they are not even that bad from what I have seen.
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