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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
What kind of seed? Bluegrass is slow. Fescue slightly faster. Rye is faster in germination and emergence. TJ is right. Don't expect to see any action until nearby lawns green up. You could take a small sample of seeded soil and put it in a coffee mug and move it inside to a warm place--no need for sunlight--until it comes up. You will find out if germination is still adequate. Actually I spotted some new seed coming up in my neighborhood, it was some kind of weed in sidewalk cracks.
It is fescue, TT in the sunnier areas and fine in the shade.

The thing is lawns are starting to green up ( the good ones) already. Mine for example is probably 40% green and starting to color up every day now.

We have been deluged with moisture and that is helping, raining right now and has been for 3 days.

Some of my other lawns are almost completely green, just are not really growing yet.
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