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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post

I dont mind turning wrenches, but I'd much rather be doing construction/excavation. But its a paying job, and I made a commitment to the man.. I am not one to go against my word...

Its pretty hard to find a decent job around here, especially at this age. So why leave this one? What if I cant find a job when I graduate? Then I've got this to fall back on, making decent money, not some part time BS at a grocery store bagging groceries.
Exactly Jr. you will have something to fall back on and you have a job now. I wish I had a job now but what I am struggling with is one getting anyone to call me back and two not wanting to get something at a grocery till I graduate in May and then get into another job that I really wanna do. I would feel bad working somewhere for two months and then just cutting out on them. My point is you have a job and that is a good thing, stay the course in it.

Good Luck!
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