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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
Ok, so I dont think I've worked at the shop for a full four months, but its close enough.

This is what I've gathered, my boss isnt really holding up his end of the deal. So I am to the point of not really caring, just doing the work and going home. No more than I got to.
Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
Happy birthday to you to..

And why would you fire me? I come in to work, do my job, take pride in it and go home. I dont talk back, I ask questions whenever possible.. I may not like my job but that doesnt I am a complete jerkoff at work.. Way to judge my character from one post..

I dont mind turning wrenches, but I'd much rather be doing construction/excavation. But its a paying job, and I made a commitment to the man.. I am not one to go against my word...

Its pretty hard to find a decent job around here, especially at this age. So why leave this one? What if I cant find a job when I graduate? Then I've got this to fall back on, making decent money, not some part time BS at a grocery store bagging groceries.
and thank you,

read the first quote and remember this, There is NO second chance to make a first read the rest of what you said and think about what i said.....this is a time that some of us have seen before, there will be guys lined up for that job and any other job before long....take it from me, take pride in anything you do, no matter what it is and you'll make it through life..

have a great birthday, you're only young once

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