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Originally Posted by Grnhed View Post
"For those crappy Eastman, Tru-cut, essentially all home owner grade reel mowers where the bed bar assembly becomes a stressed part of the reel assembly frame, you MUST have some manner to "face" the bed knife as part of the maintenance process."

You stick California Trimmer and Tru-cut in the same league? Eastman HAD a homeowner mower, but the commercials were being made when milk was still dribbling down my chin and I'm over 50. Then suggest that a Hoggwort Harrier will cut comparable to a reel mower at .50"?

Your not serious?

Harry - how common are the old Eastman units now?
I am referring to what is commonly available today.
If I was going to suggest the best reel mower ever made it would undoubtedly be an old turn of the twentieth century Worthing - how many of you have seen one of these?
Regarding the Harriet mower, I used one, well three actually, to mow tees at a public golf course at .5" in height. I found the quality of cut to be essentially the same, operation was much, much easier and maintenance was a snap. No more sprung reel to bed knives, no need to blow every stinking leaf, pine needle or broken tee off of the cutting surface plus the units bagged well. Performance on slightly sloping terrain was similar as I discussed before, however on undulating terrain a reel out performed the rotary. Since my tees were either flat of slightly stepped - I had no issues.
So Yes, I am serious.
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