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Originally Posted by Duffster View Post
Can you explain that to me/us.

I have heard this from several people and for the life of me can't figure out what the heck difference it would make.

I have asked other people in the past but they really didn't know.

There's some discussion that vertical lift machines have more bushings/pins than radial. This means more wear points but also greater potential for slop, but given how tight manufacturers have begun making their vertical machines, I think it's become more of whether you plan to do a lot of truck loading or just some 6' tops dirt work.

One reason it *does* make sense to go radial for dirt moving is that the load moves away from you as you lift up, so dumping a load (into a small pile) is easier -- you don't have to drive up on the pile to get the load away from the machine. (This is especially true for Deere and NH designs, but less so for Cat and Bobcat.)
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