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Originally Posted by GWhunter View Post
I use the hoe for stumping,retaining walls, utility trenches,etc. It's a good tool to have and I thought long and hard about buying a used mini ex instead of spending 8k on the hoe. But I feel I've gotten my money from it. I brush hog with the tractor commercially but only use the hoe at my place.

I'm in the same boat. 8k seems like a lot of money for the backhoe, but buying a used mini in the 8-12K range is another whole set of problems. I don't feel like having the upkeep of another piece of equipment (esp one with enough age/use to put it in that price bracket) when I have 2 almost brand new tractors that I could put a brand new backhoe on and do about the same amount of work.

If I am going to pay for upkeep on a piece of equipment like that, I better be able to use it for snow removal as well, since that is such a huge majority of my income. I have machines and trucks that I buy only for snow, and I intend to have sitting for all other 3 seasons.
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