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Originally Posted by ryde307 View Post
We have sales tax on mowing and alot of Service's. Most landscaping is not taxed. Our problem is We live and work on a county line. One county has a higher sales tax because of a stadium funding deal and the other does not. So the trick is finding out what tax to charge. It states charge based on your business location. Well our office address is in the higher of the 2 so when we charge to the lower county people get upset they are being charged. Its a mess
Nooo..You charge sales tax according to where the lawn is. It isn't like a barber where they bring something in to have cut. It doesn't matter where your office, mailing address, or the-place-you-park-your-mower is. You're doing business where the lawn is.

My wife files taxes for 3 counties, plus municipalities.
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