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Originally Posted by BBLawn View Post
Guys, I'm as libertarian as anyone around here and don't trust any government to do much of anything right, but I can't stand all this misinformation even more. Take the time to read the legislation or get an unbiased summary from someone who has before getting all up in arms about this health care debate.

The mandate for company-provided insurance doesn't apply at all unless you have more than 50 employees and doesn't kick in 100% unless you have 200 employees or more. Even then, there are subsidy vouchers provided to offset the employer cost for low income employees, which most of our seasonal crews would qualify for. There is no mention whatsoever in the law currently being debated about a payroll tax being imposed.

I stand to be impacted by this reform as much as anyone on here, but I've turned off Rush & the Tea Baggers and actually taken the time to do a little independent research and have come to the conclusion there will be little to no impact on my business or my daily life -- and as long as each of you currently are buying some form of personal insurance coverage -- which is just good common sense, in my opinion -- you should be in the same situation as well. The new rules on the insurance companies are volumes greater than any new rules on individuals and our small businesses.

I have the health form bill on pdf file and i think you need to read it carfully. I did not read anything about 50 employees or more. I read that all companies big or small will have to have health insurance for all. As for the payroll tax, you only have to pay it if you do not have the goverment insurance. If you want i can send the bill to you. All 2000 pages.
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