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Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
I am aware of that, although I wouldn't say fine, more like marginally acceptable.
The issue here is people who express uninformed opinions about machines they do not understand then continue to argue a spurious, nonsensical point.
Somewhat similar to the reel grinding thread.
Your doing the same thing. You keep referring to the homeowner version. your expressing an opinion based on no experience with a commercial Trimmer. I shared MY EXPERIENCE. Opinions are, like you say, debatable. My experience is not.
The commercial Trimmers ran, and run from ding till dong. All day every day. The DEAL IS, another company acquired them and for whatever reason, many of which have NOTHING to do with the mower, are not out there.
For me, I simply stated that, based on MY EXPERIENCE there is no way a blade spinning around with no anvil to cut against is going to cut ANYTHING much less turf, as well as ANY power reel mower set up properly. I realize that ones reality as they see it, may or may not be based in fact. The fact remains the shearing affect of a reel, just like a pair of scissors, will produce a better cut than any whirling blade with nothing to cut against.
Ray Charles could even see that.
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