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Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
Popular doesn't always mean the best.
Look, I'm not trying to be a twat here - but I'll throw this out anyways; if any of you guys using the Tru-cut or similar machines try a used commercial 26" of any of the manufacturers I mentioned, I bet you'll prefer the used commercial machines.
I have run the McClane's, Tru-Cuts, Lockes and an old Ransomes unit against the mower manufacturers I mentioned - and also solicited input from my crews in the process.
Uniformly all preferred the commercial machines and from a continual maintenance stand point, the commercial machines were much easier to maintain.
This is all I'm saying as obviously what you guys do is beyond my control.
Apparently we are going to have to agree to disagree which is fine - that's what makes life in America so great.
I would agree to everything you said here. I dont think your being a twat. I bet I would prefer a Jake or Toro Greens above the McClanes and Tru's. Now the Lockes dont know. I have heard great things about the cut but nothing about the day to day maintenance. I would agree also that if I am walking behind a reel mower ALL DAY LONG it better STAY set-up and be capable of putting up with the abuse of 12 hour days and the occasional mis-hap that is GOING TO HAPPEN after lunch when all get a little tired, or distracted and miss something that we will inevitably run over. Day to day maintenance would way heavy for me as well when considering "performance"

HH-lunch is not lasting NEAR LONG ENOUGH here recently but, that is a good problem to have right now.
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