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Originally Posted by Grnhed View Post
I would agree to everything you said here. I dont think your being a twat. I bet I would prefer a Jake or Toro Greens above the McClanes and Tru's. Now the Lockes dont know. I have heard great things about the cut but nothing about the day to day maintenance. I would agree also that if I am walking behind a reel mower ALL DAY LONG it better STAY set-up and be capable of putting up with the abuse of 12 hour days and the occasional mis-hap that is GOING TO HAPPEN after lunch when all get a little tired, or distracted and miss something that we will inevitably run over. Day to day maintenance would way heavy for me as well when considering "performance"

HH-lunch is not lasting NEAR LONG ENOUGH here recently but, that is a good problem to have right now.
Don't even get behind a Locke, you will be spoiled! The fellow (a friend, DaveK are you logged in?) I bought my 30" from has one and its awesome...they are in a different league then TruCut, Trimmer or McClane.

Ill get Dave to login and we will get his advice/preference...he uses a JD TriPlex on his lawn.
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