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Bryan- glad you had a good time. I will say I would totally expect a better bus experience at animal kingdom lodge. they have 1293 rooms to the port orleans 3000 rooms plus. so lots less folks to deal with transportation wise. also, I would expect that the rooms and service over there were awesome. at rates of 500 plus bucks per night, I would hope so. With 6 folks and 3 adults, I had to book 2 rooms, and no 4 plus 3 nights free discounts, so I could not swing it moneywise. I bet the view alone was worth it.

The dining plan is nice to do snacks and not notice the prices. I am always ok with tipping for good and great service, but when forced to do so at an 18% rate, on a buffet that cost way north of 200 plus bucks, that really bugged me. again, I tip at buffets, I want the server to be compensated for bringing drinks and cleaning up, but probably closer to 10% and that would be based on a real world price of around 10 bucks per person for the tuskers type of food. I had no problem adding an additional tip on top of the 18% at the canada and french places, the service and food there was awesome.
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