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Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
Then you would be dead.
The walk behind reel mowers from Toro, Jacobsen/Ransomes, even the John Deere and Brower are all built much better, are designed to be run all day long and more importantly are meant to be maintained.
As I have repeatedly stated, the home owner grade

machines are just that - homeowner use only. Provided the CA Trimmer is so great - why don't you provide direct information on ten out of the twenty odd thousand golf courses here in the USA that are using one?
Surely if they are that capable someone, somewhere must be using one.

I don't know why golf course don't use them; and quite frankly, I really don't care; it's their fault for not using the best. A CA Trimmer will cut a golf coarse just as well as whatever they're using now; if not better. You can't get a better cut than from a Trimmer. A CA Trimmer will take Bermuda grass and turn it into a perfectly smooth 1/4 inch thick carpet.

Even the home owner version is tougher than anything out on a golf course. When CA Trimmer was their own company, they made 3 different mowers: They made the 20" Home Owner Model; the 20" Heavy Duty model; and the 25" Commercial model. Even the Home Owner Trimmer uses 1/4 inch solid steel in it's construction; it will last several life times.

My Grandfather bought one of the first CA Trimmers back in 1938; a Heavy Duty model with the 3 chains and the clutch driven blade. (The Home Owner Model uses a belt and pulley system for blade engagement).
I inherited the mower and it's in my possession now. I also have my Dad's Trimmer and several of my own.
My Uncle's Trimmer will be mine someday as well because I've already asked him for it.
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