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Gas thieves 3 nights in a row

So last Thursday I have my sprayer pump mechanic come out to replace diaphragms and O-rings on my Spacesaver rig. When he was done we flushed the old fuel out (stabilized- but I flush anyway), filled it up and calibrated flow. Ran 15 minutes tops.

Monday morning on first stop the engine starts to stall and sounds like it starved for fuel so I pull off and go to a dealer close by and after checking the carb bowl it still won't run. Lo and behold the damned thing is empty!

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) I'm mixing a new tank and notice the gas cap is laying in the truck bed and tank is almost empty. Sprayed 160 gallons on Monday and Tuesday after the first SNAFU. Did I not seat the cap all the way and it came off and lost fuel while driving? Suspect a thief at this point. Dog barked last night but he barks at cats, squirrels and poltergeists in the middle of the night too.

Tonight at about 1 AM while doing some quotes the dog goes nuts again. Truck is parked in rear of house under some pretty decent lights. I ran out the front and miss the thieves but the cap is gone and I've got less than 1/2 tank of fuel and the outside of the tank is wet. It was 3/4 full before dark and the cap was secure...I double checked last evening.

I had a few instances last year where it seemed I was running low on gas in the mowers too soon. The thing is I was never empty in the morning and only seemed to be off by a gallon or two at the most. Never enough to really be sure.

So do I -

A. By a bigass Doberman and tie him to the bumper every night.

B. Locking gas caps.

C. Cameras.

I thought about putting a bait can out but ther was an old gas can I had on the truck tonight with maybe a gallon in it and it wasn't touched. Right by the corner of the sprayer where the fuel tank sits.

And what's more annoying is I'll have to borrow a gas cap from another piece of equipment to spray tomorrow or make a trip 20 minutes the opposite direction to buy one from a dealer.
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